Autumn Umanetz
MASc, PEng, etc

I'm Autumn. I'm an enthusiast for technology, getting outside, and places where those two things intersect. If I were to choose one abiding passion, it is this: I love being around people who are deeply excited about their thing, and I've found that it doesn't much matter what it is. Weird, right?

In the before-times, I was an avid rock climber, dancer of the lindy hop, photographer, and a mechatronics tinkerer. From then until quite recently, I've been working just slightly too hard at becoming a data scientist focused on geospatial and energy problems. Recently, my discretionary time seems to be dedicated to playing with, feeding, and picking up after smaller humans. It's a demanding avocation, but most worthwhile undertakings are.

If you insist that I must have a current hobby, it's building and riding electric-assist mountain bikes. This grew out of a personal acceptance that I did not enjoy the uphill part as much as the other parts, and a determination to adjust that situation.

If your curiosity is of a more professional nature, here's a resume. If you need it but somehow don't have it, a reasonable address to start with is: And if you need to be very sure that it's me who sent you something, here's my openpgp signature.