Autumn Umanetz
MASc, PEng, etc

I'm Autumn. I have a middle name too, but it hasn't seen a lot of use since my parents stopped shouting at me. I enjoy lots of things, but I really only have a deep passion for one thing: I love being around people who are deeply excited about their thing, and I've found that it doesn't much matter what it is. Weird, right?

In the before-times, I was an avid rock climber, dancer of the lindy hop, and a mechatronics tinkerer. From then until quite recently, my spare moments were dedicated to completing an overdue master's thesis in machine learning, energy, and GHGs. Now my discretionary time seems to be dedicated to playing with, feeding, and picking up after smaller humans. That's OK. They're demanding, but so are most of the finest available undertakings.

If you insist that I must have a current hobby, it's roasting coffee, and I'm embarrassingly bad at it. But it's like baking; the mistakes are still pretty tasty.

If your curiosity is of a more professional nature, here's a resume. And if you need it but somehow don't have it, a reasonable address is: