Autumn Umanetz
MASc, PEng, etc

I'm Autumn.  I'm an enthusiast for automation, electrification, and getting outside.  By the law of intersectionality, I spend a lot of time tinkering with my kit-built e-mountain bikes.  When the weather so dictates, I spend time optimizing my house's startlingly complex mechanical systems.

In the before-times, I was an avid rock climber, dancer of the lindy hop, photographer, and a mechatronics tinkerer.  Recently, my discretionary time seems to be dedicated to playing with, feeding, and picking up after smaller humans.  It's a demanding avocation, but a rewarding one.

If your curiosity is of a more professional nature, here's a (probably outdated) resume.  If you need it but somehow don't have it, a reasonable address to start with is:  And if you need to be very sure that it's me who sent you something, here's my openpgp signature.