Coppertree Fault Detection

Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.

Your building makes hundreds of thousands of control decisions every year.  Some of them were very expensive.  Without FDD, those decisions are forgotten in hours. 

Thundersun can help your building remember and report on what it has done and why.

Automation Data Analysis

Decision paralysis.  Alarm fatigue.  Firefighting.

Thundersun can help you get ahead of the curve.  Smart reporting and analysis of your BAS data will help make sure your operations staff are focussing on the problems that matter.

Energy Consulting

The path to hell is paved with least resistance.  Your operations team is too busy fixing the building to solve the root problems.

With years of experience in Energy Optimization, HVAC Project Management, and Building IT, Thundersun has what it takes to help you make your building happy, healthy, and efficient.